Balanced budget ‘like shooting the economy in the head’ — experts
Claire Connelly

I’ll take care of my personal budget by not spending $ 27 for this book.

Of course, the US can print it’s own money as much and as long as they see fit but also as long as people accepts it. A point will arrive when people will not accept it unless they are under the threat of a gun’s barrel (which is already the case but that’s another discussion).

The biggest problem with the government fighting economic problems with deficits lies in the fact that they decide who gets the money. And usually it’s not you who get the money but the bankers and the military complex.

You, you don’t really see the money but I bet that some of your taxes have increased in the meantime.

Don’t forget that money is lighter than air. It floats up towards the top.

Finally, issuing money without taking into consideration the return of and on it, dilutes its value. That’s because you have the same amount of Gross Domestic Product being chased by more dollars. The only way to counteract this dilution is to acquire assets that can’t be diluted. In order to do so, you need to able to select the proper assets (even real estate is not safe), trade them diligently and, moreover, you need access to that money. When real estate collapsed and houses were cheap, nobody could get credit.

Government deficits profits to a small sample of the population and distort the economy.

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