Ever thought you’d like to try your hand at, well, making something by hand?

Taking a class at FAB9 makerspace in Footscray isn’t just a great way to learn a new skill — it can enhance your life in a number of ways.

Here’s a look at three of them.

Intro to upholstery students making ottomans
  1. It’s fun

There’s nothing quite like the fun of crafting something from scratch, whether you’ve honed your technique over a long time, or you’ve never tried the process before. Taking a class at FAB9 means you’ll be walked through every step of making a beautiful piece, knowing that your instructor…

FAB9 makerspace in Footscray is here to help locals turn dream projects into physical realities

There’s a new community growing in Footscray, and anyone interested in making can be a part of it — in a number of ways.

Wood dust weekend at FAB9

Since opening its doors in June this year, FAB9 makerspace has become a hub of creativity, skills-sharing, and learning for a diverse range of people with interests in all kinds of making. …

Located at 90 Maribyrnong St, Footscray, FAB9 is a makerspace that has been purpose-built so different kinds of makers of all skill levels can access the training, tools and prototyping equipment needed to turn ideas into physical realities. Whatever your project, FAB9 can be used according to your particular needs, with a team of highly skilled workshop technicians available to guide and assist you as you go.

It’s May 2nd, 2016. The Met Gala Ball. The theme is ‘Manus x Machina: Fashion in the Age of Technology’.

As the who’s who of the day descend upon that legendary red carpet in dazzling interpretations of the theme — chrome-coloured gowns with metallic components, flesh-tone fabrics that move like fish scales, laser-cut skirts, studded bodices, gleaming breastplates with a look of the robotic about them — the air crackles with electricity. Figuratively speaking, of course.

Claire Danes’ Met Gala Gown by Zac Posen

Until Claire Danes arrives.

At first, it seems the Hollywood luminary has made quite a traditional style choice for a theme centred on exploring…

The great architect Frank Lloyd Wright had an affecting perspective on the relationship between human beings and wood.

“Wood is universally beautiful to man. It is the most humanly intimate of all materials.”

Our species has evolved alongside wood and worked it into our lives from the start. Along with stone, clay and animal parts, wood was one of the first materials to be explored and manipulated by early humans, shaping our world as we shaped it.

‘CMYK Chair’ by FAB9 workshop technician Morgan Doty

At FAB9, we’re fascinated with all methods of woodworking — as excited about creating the most traditional of objects as we are about…

FAB9's entrance

You might be familiar with the term ‘makerspace’ — maybe you’ve even used a makerspace before. But have you heard about FAB9, Melbourne’s newest, high-tech makerspace?

FAB9 is a purpose-built space, where designers, makers and entrepreneurs of all kinds can access the training, tools and equipment they need to turn ideas into physical realities.

To help you get started at FAB9, we’ve created this definitive ‘how to FAB9’ guide. …

Machine profile #2

CNC routed model by Dom Riccobene

Question: you’ve got a metal sign that needs engraving, a piece of timber that needs carving, a foam model that needs milling, and a plastic component that needs cutting. What one machine can you use to effortlessly perform all of these tasks, and a whole lot more?

Answer: A CNC router.

Even More Specific Answer: FAB9’s new large format flatbed CNC router, the Multicam Trident Series 3000.

It’s the most powerful piece of equipment at FAB9 — one that’s to going to significantly enhance the making practices of many startups, small businesses, designers and individual makers.

Machine profile #1

An excellent makerspace needs excellent machines. At FAB9, we’ve been rigorously researching and comparing different machines and models so we can choose the one that best suit our members’ needs.

But before we get into the why, what and how of the Ultimaker 2 vs the MakerBot Replicator 2 3D printers, here’s a bit of background on 3D printing generally.

What is 3D printing?
3D printing (sometimes referred to as ‘additive manufacturing’) is a method of adding successive layers of a material to itself to create an object. …

Pat and Laurie at Laurie’s wood workshop, Tasmania

What do you think of when you think of a workshop?

Something between a hardware store and a shed, full of worn benches and noisy machines? Sawdust, metal shavings and sparks flying through the air? People bustling about, focussed intently on whatever it is that they’re making?

There’s a rustic charm to spaces like that. They’re imbued with the hearty, earnest, fuss-free spirit of getting things done. But where do such spaces leave designers, engineers and makers who want a more refined making experience? One connected to a deeper level of enquiry, artistry and precision?

Unlike traditional workshops, which tend…

For as long as human beings have been, we have made.

Made tools. Made objects. Made things that keep us alive. Things that are beautiful to us. Things that get us around. Things that help us to express ourselves.

The studio of Valerie Restarick from The Design Files

But never before has the rate of human making been so rapid and widespread as it has since the advent of The Internet — the most powerful, expressive and proletarian tool of all.

Access to the internet is access to the world. And if your ideas are strong enough, it doesn’t matter how isolated, inexperienced or unfunded you are — the…


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