FAB9: The intersection of design & technology at The Dream Factory

A video still of a CNC router from the FAB9 website.

Something exciting is happening on the ground floor of The Dream Factory.

The Barnett Glass rubber factory now known as The Dream Factory.
FAB9 assembly area

What was your trajectory into the world of the makerspace, Hans?

Playstation Vita
Tesla assembly line.

How about you, Ying?

What brought you both together to work on FAB9?

University of Melbourne’s FabLab.

What are your respective roles within FAB9?

FAB9 graphic identity by U-P.

How do you align your skill set with Hans’?

So, essentially you’re saying Ying is your Steve Jobs?

FAB9 floor plan

What were your hopes for FAB9 from the outset?

Who is FAB9 designed for? Who do you envision coming into the space?

Tell us about who else you’re collaborating with on FAB9?

FAB9 Timber shop

How have you found working with so many stakeholders and suppliers? Can you offer any advice around navigating these kinds of relationships?

So how far along in the development process is FAB9?

What has been the biggest challenge so far?

Workshop at NextFab, a network of makerspaces in the USA.

Who and/or what have been your biggest influences on this project?

NewLab, a hub for entrepreneurs working in advanced technology in NYC.
EXO 3D printer prosthetic limb by William Root.

Where do you see yourselves and FAB9 heading in the future?

Any final thoughts?

Aerial view of The Dream Factory with the CBD skyline in the background.