8 simple tips to change
the way we work

For most of us, work is much more than an occupation.
It is a goal, a passion and it’s what keeps you going,
and in short, it makes us want to get up in the morning.

But this valuable energy is fragile and our productivity such as our motivation may collapse at any given moment. How can we maintain this sacred fire and especially make good use of it? By establishing Just Amazing, we have set our objective so as to transform the way we work every day to be “independent together”. To achieve this, ‘Rework,’ a book by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson provides some leads, which we ourselves have improved. Whether you work on your own or in a large company, here are 8 simple tips to change your work!

1. You have an idea? Feeling inspired? Stop everything and start working on it immediately!
We all have had great ideas that have never materialized due to lack of time or attention. In reality, you cannot put off your inspiration for a later time. The fire within us must be released as it comes. Be it in the middle of the night or during a lunch break, on the road or at the cinema, no matter when or where, quit everything and put your ideas on paper as soon as possible in order to go through them again and refine them.

2. Any meeting which goes beyond 7 minutes is toxic
Time thieves are among us! Any meeting, regardless of its official duration, interrupts your work for at least one hour. If it is really necessary to have a meeting, just be sure to invite the least number of people as possible. Then prepare a draconian order of the day: get to the problem that needs to be addressed, stay fixed on it, and most preferably, try to maintain your point between 7 and 30 minutes.

3. Take the power to say “no”
Work for nothing: has it already happened to you? The worst, when you think about it, is that it is often predictable. There are many reasons: fear of conflict, lack of self-confidence, etc. And then, it is so simple to say ‘yes’!

Stop. Just imagine if Apple had said yes to everything that a consumer expects from a phone in the middle of the 2000s, we would never have had the iPhone. It is always possible to explain politely — yet firmly — the refusal, provided that you can argue.

4. Stop taking notes in a meeting…
… especially if it is to remain hidden behind a “PC-screen” that makes you antisocial. If the topic of the meeting is important and if there are really good points, you will be surprised by your memory! Exercise your brain instead and carefully listen to your audience. Either way you’re not going to reread it!

5. Always switch to “airplane mode”
An obvious tip but very rarely applied! Keep the joys of multi-tasking to Top Chef in front of TV. To focus and get the best out of you, simply and literally switch to “airplane mode”.
Turn off email notifications, do not log in to social media, and only answer the most urgent requests. The world can finally stop and you will be surprised by your efficiency!

6. Find out your ideas outdoors
I have found my best ideas while walking, sometimes in the shower or while driving, and certainly not by staying glued to my computer screen all day. In fact, the brain is stimulated by the movements of your body. Rainer Brämer, who is an eco-sociologist, have also showed the positive effects of nature walks on our creativity and optimism.

7. Breathe deeply and regularly.
Resist all temptations to react quickly, especially that of responding to emails.
Essentially your colleagues and your customers do not like the change. Slow down, regulate your mood and breathe deeply. Take the time to settle down and argue.

8. Finally, observe your own pace
Our bodies are all different, so why do we all have to start at the same time?
It is physiological. Find the right pace, treat yourself with your colleagues, come and leave when you feel like it, and feel free to work outside or at home regularly.

Freely inspired from Flow Magazine and Rework.

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