Awesome customer experience is awesome

I have always loved the topic of customer experience and how it became a more commonly discussed topic within the startup community.

Groups of people forming a company, that focus and constantly think about what the customer experiences, instead of how to take the next shortcut to increasing revenue, are able to stay in a way more trustworthy and open conversation with their customer.

Zappos is undoubtedly a company that continues and encourages this dialogue despite their enormous scale.

As a start-up founder interested in culture and redefining the associations people have with work you very quickly come across Zappos and the book “Delivering Happiness”.

The story inspired me and I continued following Zappos and their continuous focus on improving their culture.

When I made it out to Las Vegas this August 2016 I obviously had to go by there and check out the people and the vibe for myself.

Las Vegas

I and my girlfriend received an amazing private tour and it did really feel special and a little weird.

Very naturally I wanted to try their service while I was in the US, so our tour guide said to send her a mail so we would become part of the family and friends’ customers and get extra fast shipping, given we changed hotels, hostels and airbnbs quite frequently.

The next day I send out an e-mail to get the code I should input when ordering and hear nothing back. Time is getting scarce and we are leaving soon, so I send a second one. Still no answer…. I am starting to get disappointed — wondering if the whole thing is an act.

After being back in Berlin, I email the tour experience team and realise together with them, that I had been emailing the Boutique Shopkeeper not our tour guide.

I still think she should/could have replied, but to me, that little glitch makes the Zappos experience even more likeable because they still have potential to improve and are humans after all.

The way they dealt with the situation afterwards was just amazing then and more than restored my faith in Zappos.

Mail from Boutique Shopkeeper

They apologise in the truest and most honest way I experienced from a customer support team and tell me, they will not only be sending the shoes we wanted to order to Germany but they will also pay for them.

The package

Today I received that package…. A very nice feeling and wow definitely describes it well.

My favourite part of the package is the handwritten card, with an apology for dropping the ball.

What need is there for any other marketing when you have 100 or in Zappos´case likely thousands of people with these experiences. Experiences and stories they share with their friends and they, in turn, share with their friends.

How good must the employee feel, that gets the kind of freedom to wow the customer in their own creative way? How motivated and productive must he or she be?

Anyway….My girlfriend is happy, because she has new shoes and I am happy because I have found people, that I can learn from and that believe what I believe.

That providing a great customer experience is all the marketing you need.