Fabeeo Breen <> FBRN

1 min readDec 28, 2021


“Cosa bella e mortal passa e non d’Arte”


Fabeeo Breen is a digital fashion brand operating in virtual enviroments and metaverse. Exploring our digitalself since 2008, nowday our mission is to wear your digital personality.

FBRN brand started in late 2018 within Sansar virtualworld.
There resiede our biggest digital fashion collection, made by more than 750 pieces. With the emerging blockchain technology we are now bridging our original collections into the NFT space and decentralized wearables , showcasing Fabeeo Breen brand across different virtual realities.

Recently we had a party with giveaways at the brand new Decentraland Fabeeo Breen HQ, you don’t want to miss the next events!
Join Discord server and stay plugged fashionaut!

Play with style: each FBRN NFT collector receive playable wearables airdrop from the brand metaverse collections.

Discord FBRN HUB : stay in touch and find all collections : discord.gg/ErKTmXQz6H

Come visit FBRN Metaverse showrooms with your mouse:

Decentraland : https://play.decentraland.org/?island=I1060&position=-38%2C107&realm=dg

Sansar : https://atlas.sansar.com/experiences/fabeeobreen/fabeeo-breen-store

Bringing real swag into metaverse.
Flex your experience!




Metaverse Fashion House and Digital studio specialized in innovation and virtualization of fashion industry. Made in Italy since 2018