The UX of Learning UX is Broken
Dan Maccarone

this is much needed. On one side we have more and more companies pressured to incorporate design thinking into their products and their workflow and trying to hire as fast as possible. On the other end we have plenty of schools distilling a massively complex practice like UX into a 12–24-xx sessions and churning out an army of enthusiasts with more good will than actual experience but very willing to cash in on the UX label on their resume.

I think the problem is on both ends, but mostly on the hiring side. There’s still a huge misconception out there when it comes to understand UX, UI o CX, even within the industry so this contributes to lower the barrier entry for young professionals.

I´ve participated to one of these bootcamps, out of very different circumstances than necessity of employment and I probably came out with a good grasp of tactical tools (wireframing, journey mapping etc) but if it wasn’t for my previous personal experience, I would have had a very poor grasp of all those additional and differential skills — understanding the business, the value for the user, how and why market a product, technical implications that affect scalability or delivery etc. that really make a good UX professional.

UX impact each and every one of the product/business verticals. Other disciplines can almost live in a vacuum, UX is the only one that is successful when it almost does not exists as such and it is equally incorporated across all groups in a organization. How do you teach that?

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