IA3: Up Close and Personal

It might not be obvious, but art is literally everywhere. This must mean that artists are everywhere, too. Through our recent group activity in our Aesthetics class, I became more aware of a few local artists and their careers in the art industry, namely Jilson Tiu, Mario Cornejo, Evan Aguiling.

Jilson Tiu is currently a photographer for the Philippine Daily Inquirer. He takes photographs of the society for the society. With his work, he hopes to create an impact and inspire, and I believe that’s exactly his contribution to the Filipino people. Through his career, he is able to capture both the good and the bad side of society. Although it’s not easy, we need to be exposed to even the negative issues and happenings in our society, because only then will we learn to address and resolve these. But it doesn’t always have to be bad. Through his work, he can also remind the people of something good in the midst of tragedy. I especially admire Mr. Tiu’s motivation to inspire others through the moments he captures. In the near future, I hope to be working for the hospitality industry wherein I’ll be meeting new people almost every day. Even if I’ll be engaging with them for only a short while, just like Mr. Tiu, I hope to inspire or simply bring some light into people’s lives by serving them or even by offering a smile.

Mario Cornejo is a film director and writer. Among his work are Big Time (2005), First Day High (2006), and most recently Apocalypse Child (2015). Unfortunate, the film industry in the Philippines, especially the indie film industry, is very underrated as merely the mainstream movies with the hottest celebrities are able to reach a nationwide audience. These mainstream films rarely explore diverse characters, farther landscapes and deep, unconventional plot lines. But indie filmmakers like Mr. Cornejo are capable of all these and much more. I would say his biggest contribution to the Philippine society is that his films show a different, less “pretty” yet more realistic side of the Filipino people through tackling various social issues in the movies. In a way, his films also encourage innovation and creativity from the mainstream movie industry. Just by viewing the trailer for Apocalypse Child, it’s undeniable that Mr. Cornejo definitely thought outside of the box and composed the film in a very unconventional manner. This is a trait I aspire to have in the near future. Following the norm and standard is a must for careers in the hospitality industry, but sometimes, thinking outside of the box and doing something extraordinarily could help one create newer and more efficient work habits and practices which may be more suitable to the modern time period.

Evan Aguiling is a sculptor, designer and business owner. He greatly contributes to the giftware industry as most of his work are merely small objects. However, just because they’re small doesn’t mean that they are of a lesser value. Mr. Aguiling creates his art carefully and precisely, but it comes very naturally to him. Since he mostly sells his work, his art could reach so many people. He even stated how rewarding it was for him to meet people who were in possession of his art. In a simple way, I think this could be one of his greatest contributions to the Philippine society. Gifts are objects that hold some kind of sentimental value or memory, so Mr. Aguiling’s works are instruments that bring people emotions, especially happiness. The entire concept of gifts also encourages generosity and kindness. Both of these contributions will surely result in a harmonious community of Filipinos. There are a several traits that I admire about Mr. Aguiling, but I especially hope to be as patient as he is because I’ve always had quite a short temper. To accomplish just one art piece, he must spend so much time and effort on it. In the hospitality industry wherein I’ll be engaging with so much people of different personalities, cultures and backgrounds, I need to be patient enough to understand our differences and serve them to the best I possibly can.

There may be various art forms, but each form holds a certain importance. Due to variety, a wider audience is reached and connected with each other. This activity has taught me that art is not merely expression. Art furthers the society in the right direction by raising awareness on timely socio-cultural and political issues, as well as by promoting positivity among people.

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