An open letter from technology sector leaders on Donald Trump’s candidacy for President
Katie Jacobs Stanton

Why does practically no business leader in America support Trump? This prestigious group, along with Tim Cook, Mark Cuban, Michael Bloomberg, Charles and David Koch, and many, many, others, a very clear majority of real disrupters and business leaders, have nothing but contempt for his business practices. He hides his tax returns but we do know that he claimed an exemption reserved for individuals who earn less than $500k/year, and that his businesses have claimed bankruptcy five times so far. We know that his inheritance would yield more than even his exaggerated wealth claims if he had instead directed it into an ordinary investment in a plain-vanilla stock market fund. We know that he played the host in a low-quality television show featuring C and D list celebrities. (Try to imagine what an embarassment he would be on “Shark Tank!”) In short, we know that Trump is not even a mediocre entrepreneur and certainly not a disrupter in any business. He is an amateur politician with a talent for demagoguery but no grasp of policy. If you want to shut down international trade, withdraw from NATO, cede Asia to the Chinese and Eastern Europe to the Russians from behind a border wall, then vote for him, but don’t say you did so because he is a good business man without acknowledging the collective judgement of the business community. Unless you are sure that your opinion is more worthy than theirs, that your success in business gives you equal footing to theirs.