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Why branding matters more than ever on Instagram

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We live in a day and age of quick hooks, short attention spans, and bite-sized content. In 2020, the way you present your brand online, its’ visual outlook, is arguably as important as the content you produce. Why?

Because the look and feel of the content are what encourages people to stop and read on as they recognise your trademark style.

It’s a very specific cue that our brain processes.

As a marketing consultant, and overall a human who loves exploring the ways the interwebs works, I am always looking out for new ways people are engaging and upping their game when it comes to standing out with visual design. …

Create online events people are willing to pay for

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The rise of ‘free online conferences’ during the pandemic may destroy online events, unless we start educating customers otherwise. Yes, I feel strongly about this, and for good reason.

I have worked in events for the past 7 years, organising something that spans from 30 to 35 events. It has helped me learn how to negotiate, haggle, and what questions to ask.

In the past, free long-day events were a rare occurrence, something you’d find here and there, especially as an upsell for a specific product, offer or service.

These days, free conferences and online events are everywhere. …

Writing from the heart with Greta Solomon

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Photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels

I had the pleasure to chat with the gorgeous Greta Solomon for our upcoming conference, and she shared more about her amazing book ‘Heart, Sass, and Soul’.

She is a writer, author, teacher, and Journal Healer.

Through her books and courses, she guides people to use journaling, writing, and creative self-expression to wake up, connect to inner wisdom, and heal the tender, violated parts of their inner worlds.

“My work really is about teaching people to use writing, creativity, and creative self-expression to really wake up and to heal some of the more tender inner parts of our world” explains Solomon “ and also to more fully get in touch with who we are discovering and recovering those parts of us that we kind of left by the wayside, perhaps in childhood, or perhaps more recently.” …


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