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The top questions to ask your audience

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Over the last decade working as a marketer I’ve supported over 150 businesses with growth, marketing, and strategy — ranging from tech startups to expert brands. I am highly passionate about incredible business ideas, and I am equally passionate about the way they are executed.

I can easily tell you that, whether you are a coach, expert, or a rising startup, not validating your ideas could mean the death of your dream.

You see, I recently gambled with a new idea. In the past, I would have probably spent days dreaming of it, reading the branding, and even website.

This time, I talked about it with a selected few, and I only went through the process to buy a domain (guilty as charged). …

Lessons from working with a copy editor

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After roughly 18 months in the making, the date for the pre-order of my second book is fast approaching. My first book taught me that the book writing process is not necessarily what we idealise it to be.

This second book opened my eyes about a few things, including the importance of a well-written proposal. Oh, and proofreading — and here’s the killer. I genuinely thought my proofreading skills were quite decent, if not damn good.

Proofreading 20–25 pieces for our online magazine gave me a sense of false confidence, because the truth is, dear reader, that it’s much easier to proofread other people’s writing than my own. …


Why branding matters more than ever on Instagram

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We live in a day and age of quick hooks, short attention spans, and bite-sized content. In 2020, the way you present your brand online, its’ visual outlook, is arguably as important as the content you produce. Why?

Because the look and feel of the content are what encourages people to stop and read on as they recognise your trademark style.

It’s a very specific cue that our brain processes.

As a marketing consultant, and overall a human who loves exploring the ways the interwebs works, I am always looking out for new ways people are engaging and upping their game when it comes to standing out with visual design. …


Fab Giovanetti

Award-Winning Marketing Consultant || Founder @ creativeimpact.group || Author, Columnist || 👉Free Marketing Bundle: http://bit.ly/GetFabBundle

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