How podcasts will become a key marketing tool for brands

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Are podcasts the new blogs?

Ten years ago, the term blogger was not recognized as a legitimate job title, and a little over two years ago, podcaster was an elusive term only used by the big players. By big players I mean a small group of hosts who relentlessly released shows, week after week.

As more and more businesses and brands are exploring podcasts for themselves, you may be wondering: “Is there any space for more podcasts in the marketplace?”

A common question is “how many podcasts are there?” The number is currently over 1,000,000, and could easily make any marketer back down from the idea of starting their own show. …

Science-backed ways to complete one

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Have you ever tried to make a habit stick? Have you ever wanted to make something work ever-so-desperately?

In a world where biohacking is the norm, self-help gurus are the new influencers and motivational quotes are plastered in everyone’s vision board (seriously, you do not have one yet?), there is still space for some sexy science — at least according to yours truly.

How can science help us cultivating better habits?

As one of my focuses is to test and analyse my writing performance, especially as my book will be out early next year, I decided to revisit a good old practice, the 30-day challenge. …


Top lessons from writer August Birch

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Let’s start by making something clear: email isn’t dead.

I run a 3-hour workshop called “How to Create an Email Marketing Strategy That Stands the Test of Time”. I still believe emails, just like any other content, will never truly die. They may evolve, and with that, you need to be able to adapt and evolve with them.

More targeted and segmented email, shorter and mobile-friendly newsletters are going to be the future, as well as more interactive content.

In order to show you how I once again put my investigator hat on and got to know better some of the all-star Medium writers using marketing to amplify their content.

Four ways to embrace the changes

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”Are you for real?”

Those are the first words I uttered as my now fiancé went one knee and asked me to marry him.

In my defence I was still half asleep from the car journey prior said proposal.

As the type -A Virgo I proudly am, it took me less than 48 hours to start wondering about how do you go about planning a wedding during a pandemic.

As a disclaimer, I worked in the events industry for 7 years — planning a small gathering of 45 people is nothing compared to a full-day conference with 300 attendees.

Organising the wedding is not an issue per se, since I have enough spreadsheets and planning documents to start my own wedding planning business. …

Why you should segment your audience from day one

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If I say inbox Nirvana, what do you picture in your head?

Most likely, you visualise a clean slate, a blank Gmail tab, or even a swanky email app praising you for clearing your inbox.

Seriously, in the digital world, we are constantly chasing the Holy Grail that is a clear, immaculate inbox.

What does that mean for creatives looking to enter that evangelical space, and start sending emails to their audience?

How can you start building a relationship with your audience via email, when you are competing against the constant chase of a free inbox?

Before I answer that question for you, let’s remind you why you should start building an email database. …

Mindset shifts for new entrepreneurs

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You may have read this a million times. This is the time to change careers. We are living in a “passion economy”.

On the one hand, we read about how the top-earning writer on the paid newsletter platform Substack earns more than $500,000 a year from reader subscriptions, or the top content creator on Podia, a platform for video courses and digital memberships, makes more than $100,000 a month.

On the other hand, the shadow of the hustle culture depicts the entrepreneurship world as a lifestyle made for people wanting to achieve six or seven figures whilst constantly showing up online. …

Top-rated shows on marketing, social media, and strategy

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Beware as this piece includes podcasts that will be most likely enjoyed by marketers (due to the high level of geekiness and specificity in topics).

If you categorise yourself as one of the rare birds who enjoys heavy marketing lingo and very specific marketing subtopics, these podcasts will definitely be your cup of tea.

I love a good podcast. Hell, I host one myself.

As a listener, however, I am looking to be educated and learn something when listening to a show (unless I am looking to be entertained, in which case I listen to the Off-Menu podcast).

I’ve found that these days podcasts are a way to learn something new, looking to get insights highly targeted to my business and my clients. …

“What is the one thing can I do today to bring me closer to my vision?”

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I believe there is so much we can learn from other people’s stories.

I’ve always believed in the adage ‘Tell, don’t sell’. Nobody likes to be sold to, but everyone loves a good story.

Michael Margolis once said: “The stories we tell literally make the world. If you want to change the world, you need to change your story. This truth applies both to individuals and institutions.”

This is probably why I launched the magazine in the first place, and learned a great deal from it.

As we are gearing up to release the August issue of the Creative Impact digital magazine, I wanted to press pause and reflect on what I personally learned from some of the stories we featured so far (only 8 months in). …

The Brave Marketer

Automations, tools and harness writers’ audiences

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Hello, fellow brave writers. Your favourite (I hope) brave marketer is back, after a long hiatus from the writing well. I am back with a bang if I can say so myself, as I share with you an exciting piece I have been working on for a little while.

In this piece, we’ll be talking about successfully promoting pieces as an editor.

I have been an online magazine editor on and off for over 10 years. From music magazines to wellness, all the way into producing a legitimate online publication with over 10,000 monthly subscribers.

This is not an exercise in indulgence, if anything it’s my way to ensure you, I know one thing or two about marketing for online publications. …

And how putting a ring on it changed everything

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Hello dear reader, I will be honest, it’s an absolute pleasure to be back.

In the grand scheme of things, you may have not even noticed my absence (ahem, rude), yet the interwebs are vast and wide, and I appreciate you may have not realised I have been off the grid for a long while.

This was due to two very specific reasons. First and foremost, I simply could not get myself down to stare at a blank page. I had so much to do that the idea of letting my creative juices flow gave me mild anxiety.

You may be…

Productivity Guinea Pigs

With the help of a German acronym

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The world of productivity and time hacking is one that, like most, has patterns and frameworks mere mortals like yours truly love and obsess over.

Here comes my open confession, dear reader: I love a good acronym. The world of productivity is full of acronyms and rules.

As the good experimenting guinea pig I am, in this piece, I am going to explore yet a brand new system to optimize time management.

This is not just a mere exercise, however. The truth is, I believe in understanding how different systems can work for a variety of people. Most likely, what may work for me would not be working for you specifically, yet you will never know how to optimize time management for yourself until you find a way to build a habit that can work within your ideal day. …

“We’re all creators, we all have our talents, and our gifts”

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Credits: Zoe Savitz

Jonelle Lewis is on a mission to shake up the internet and change the way we perceive accessibility — and her infectious smile is one that instantly brightens up a room (even in a virtual Zoom room).

Throughout our interview, I could feel her energy, passion, and compassion for others, and it’s something that can also be clearly seen through her content and how she relentlessly shows up online.

At the time of the interview, Jonelle is back in London after a long time away from her family.

As we reflect on that, she acknowledges how lockdown has been a time to really reassess priorities: “I know a lot of people needed space to rest, to let their nervous systems calm down and to restore themselves from this frantic pace of living”. …

What it is like to live with health anxiety

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I will not lie to you, my dear reader.

I have been staring at this headline for a good 30 minutes before deciding what to write and whether I should even go ahead with this piece.

Yes, I got anxious about talking about my anxiety — oh, the irony.

I have been suffering from depression, heavy anxiety, and nervous breakdowns for just under twenty years.

I lived almost ten years in a weird doze, a limbo of pain, and blurred memories before I started working through my mental health condition.

I am of the school of belief that you never truly recover as I do not see my feelings and my head as something that needs fixing — like a switch I flip and I’ll be normal.

A wildly successful plant-based burger startup shares the secret ingredient behind its success.

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Credits: Vurger Co.

Community over content. It’s something you may have heard recently. What is going to truly shape the future of brands is the way they can build community through connections.

When we think about community, we tend to think of concepts like common interests and common attitudes. Personally, I believe that community means so much more—and for a startup, it can make the difference between good and wildly successful.

Take entrepreneur Rachel Hugh: after a trip to California, Hugh made it her mission to bring tasty vegan food to the streets of London — and to make Veganism mainstream. …

A case study from a wellness unicorn

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Credits: Headspace website

One trend I have been seeing over the past four months as a marketer is related to my industry, that is wellness, for new readers. Meditation apps and platforms have been rising and thriving over the past quarter.

It’s not surprising, as a collective, our mental health has taken such a toll:

“Quite clearly, people with pre-existing mental health conditions, there are fairly serious impacts in lots of ways in terms of lockdown, in terms of coming out of lockdown.” — Mental Health Foundation

As someone who has been meditating for over 12 years, and most recently dabbled into the wonders of breathwork, I have tried and tested a variety of platforms. Yet my all-time favourite will always be Headspace. The app has been in the news pretty much on rotation since March with a host of partnerships, new features, and much more. …

Holiday blues and staycations for creatives

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This year has been, at the very least, one of change.

A bit change that I have seen coming up has been one that has affected the way we pace ourselves, especially when it comes to the way we work.

We are in a very peculiar situation where we spent 12 weeks working non-stop to pivot, adapt, and thrive, yet Summer has landed officially and almost everyone is unsure whether to take the time off and “indulge” in some holiday time.

This month, in our magazine, we are looking at different ways to press pause and recharge (whilst still satisfying your need for wanderlust with 8 gorgeous accounts on the Gram). …

Strategically grow your database

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Let me start by disclosing that I am a writer, and I am also a business owner — and a marketing consultant, may be worth adding in there.

When talking to a lot of writers, I still feel like they may be struggling recognising their effort as a business, or even side hustle.

Now, I will forgive the fact that the expression side hustle may not be clear enough for most, but if you spend time on a passion you are looking to get a monetary reward from you are effectively building a business.

Something in your mind should be shifting when you do that. …

Understanding recent algorithm updates

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Credit: Pinterest

Social media platforms are a lovely, yet slightly frustrating thing.

They constantly change, and it can be incredibly hard to keep up with what is coming next. As if Instagram wasn’t already giving marketers enough headaches, now Pinterest has come to join the party.

As the platform is now putting a lot more emphasis on fresh, new pins, I headed to the expert on the matter, Melissa Megginson from Tailwind, to discuss the latest pin changes.

Create New Pins

Long gone are the times you’d re-use old pin graphics for months and months. The Pinterest algorithm is now rewarding fresh, new content: “Even if it’s for an older blog post, the best thing you can do right now to increase your website traffic from Pinterest is to make new pin images. …

Harness the power of LinkedIn

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I remember having a conversation with my consulting client the other day.

As she’s looking to create a new brand under her company, she was concerned about starting from scratch and having to find a new way to attract clients and bring awareness to a slightly new audience.

Whether you are freelancing, looking to establish your personal brand or drive sales to your products, there is something I constantly tell both my clients and our collective members:

A business is not a business unless it makes some profit

Let’s let this sink in for a second.

Without constantly getting new people exposed to your brand and encouraging them to become clients, you will constantly chase your own tail (something I have been doing for far too long, trust me). …

Why I cried before an empty page

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Do you remember that first feeling of excitement that fires up your belly? That feeling of you doing something for yourself, and yourself only?

As the rain started dropping finely on my window today, and I let the mellow light on an early Sunday morning wake me up gently, I reminded myself of the magic of writing for the sake of writing.

Call it freewriting, if you may.

I wish I could tell you I can spend every morning writing to my heart’s content, but the truth is I love my job, my company and my business and my clients, and as such, I need to make sure I spend time cherishing them as much as I can. …

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Five things I learned about myself

Addiction is a funny thing — until it’s not.

Yet, as a researcher, a self-appointed student of life and someone with a clear addictive personality, I find myself realizing that I have been, more often than not, falling into the trap of addictions.

I was never into smoking or drugs, which came quite handy. I would see, however, a substantial trail of smaller triggers (shopping, impulse buying, even over-working) as well as alcohol.

Now, I read a few resources and books on the matter, and the definition of alcohol dependency and abuse can be a grey area, as it can range depending on what you read and who you talk to. …

Brave Marketer

A case study with Casey Botticello of Medium Writing

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Today I am very excited to share a brand new series for the Brave Marketer column. I am about to put my investigator hat on and get to know better some of the all-star Medium writers using marketing to amplify their content.

First up is the amazing Casey Botticello, editor of the Medium Blogging Guide and admin of the incredibly successful Facebook group, Medium Writing (counting over 4,900 members).

Casey Botticello is a partner at Black Edge Consulting, a strategic communications firm, specializing in online reputation management, digital marketing, and crisis management.

Casey is also the founder of Blogging Guide, a premium Substack publication that helps writers navigate the digital publishing landscape and shows them how to monetize their content. …


And why Instagram is taking TikTok head on

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Blog: Instagram Blog

Is Instagram really going after TikTok? Call me shocked and appalled. Sarcasm alert.

Instagram is currently testing its new Reels feature in a variety of countries, including India, which most recently banned TikTok (this is certainly not a coincidence). The feature is also currently live in Germany and France.

As reported by NBC’s Dylan Byers, Instagram is looking to launch Reels in the US, and 50 other regions, “in a matter of weeks,” expanding beyond the current four nations where the function is accessible. …

Hello team,

I am very excited to send you a quick update. As I am constantly receiving emails about how to grow and develop your personal brand as a writer, I thought I’d do a roundup of some of my favourite pieces for beginners.

Hope you enjoy!

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Five quotes and tips to inspire you

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Photo by Content Pixie on Unsplash

You may have gotten this by now, dear reader, I love to talk — and write, obviously.

By launching our podcast, the Make an Impact show, we learned loads about podcasts, as well as about creatives and the way they show up online.

As we are working really hard to bring out season three of the series, and this was a great time to look back at what we have achieved through the last 40 episodes.

To celebrate that, I wanted to share with you five top lessons from some incredible creatives making waves in the online world, and how this is helping them build their brand online. …


Fab Giovanetti

Award-Winning Marketing Consultant || Founder @ creativeimpact.group || Author, Columnist, Top Writer || 👉Free Marketing Bundle: http://bit.ly/GetFabBundle

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