How might we ensure the safety of children in social situations.

My General Ideas

These ideas came from inspiration from the brainstorming session we had in class and some new ones I could come up with on my own. I brought these ideas to the brainstorming session and hung some of them up on the wall to help give others inspiration. I also tried to save some of the ideas until there was a lull in the brainstorming session so I could bring it out to help keep the pace up.

New Warm-up Game

Dance Move Activity

The activity starts with one person who does a dance move and must tell the name of the move while they dance. After they do the move they must point to someone in the group to go next. The next person must do the previous dance move and then add their own. Then this person points to someone else and they must do all the previous moves plus the one they add in. We played this game until someone messed up the order of all the dance moves. For the next round of this activity I told the group they had to invent their own dance move and give it an original name.

Session Organization

Participant 1 was a young 20 year old mother of one 16 month old daughter. Participant 2 was a 15 year old high school student. Participant 3 was a working father of three daughters. Two in college and one in high school. Participant 4 was a stay at home mother of two sons. One in high school and one in middle school. The setting for this brainstorm was at a round dining room table. The wall behind the table was used to tape up our ideas. It was quiet and well lit and I placed almonds out on the table for the group to snack on.

For the warm-up activities, I first started with the word association game called “Word Ball”. We played this for a couple minutes then we went on to play “Story Spine”. We told about 4 stories and then I decided it was time to play the warm-up game I had developed. We generated ideas for about 30 minutes in total. In total the group had a final tally of 48 ideas. This means we had an IPM of 0.32 for this session.

Sorting and Voting

Sorted ideas

The categories we ended up with are clothes and jewelry, healthy eating, mental health, technology and devices, protection from surroundings/environment, and tracking your child.

Since there were 5 of us in this brainstorming session I decided to do the multi voting by having everyone choose 2 ideas from the wall. The only rule was that you were not allowed to choose one of your own ideas. I used this as a way to determine what the group thought to be the top 10 ideas.

Chosen Ideas

Top Ideas

Umbrella which can transform into something which can handle stronger weather. Credit for this idea goes to John.
This idea would become an app on your phone. Credit for this idea goes to Maia.
Detects harmful nuts for kids with allergies. Credit for this idea goes to me.
Helps so clumsy children do not injure themselves. Credit for this idea goes to John.
Measures Alcohol content in anything, so children are not given more than they can handle. Credit for this idea goes to John.
Entertains you child in a healthy way so they do not impair their eyes from staring at a tv screen. Credit for this idea goes to Devon.
credit for this idea goes to me.
Clothes so you never lose your child in dark areas. Credit for this idea goes to me.
Alerts parents to the mood of their child. Helps children who may have depression or anxiety. Credit for this idea goes to me.
Sets your food to the perfect temperature so you don’t have to reheat it or wait for it to cool down. Credit for this idea goes to me.
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