The Brand-New Team SoloMid

TSM just revealed its 2018 roster including oustanding top laner Hauntzer, rookie of the year and former Phoenix1 jungler MikeYeung, superstar mid laner Bjergsen, and G2’s award-winning bot lane in Zven and Mithy.

After yet another disappointing performance at Worlds, fans blamed both Svenskeren and the organization’s coaching staff for their failure. TSM is tackling the problem at the root by signing Europe’s top-performing duo and pairing it up with former LCK and Immortals coach SSONG. According to a report by ESPN, TSM’s previous Coach, Parth, will no longer be involved in the coaching process but is likely to remain within the organization.

Without a doubt, TSM remains the most iconic North American team in League of Legends history. Although the organization has been reluctant to sign Korean or Chinese talent due to its belief that communication would suffer, these bold changes coming into 2018 might be just what they needed to improve their performance at international tournaments.

Photo via Riot Games

It’s too early to tell whether TSM even has a chance to break the Group Stage curse at Worlds, but fans will surely revel in seeing their requests being taken into account. Coach SSONG is known for working closely with support players and turning them into sharp leaders. Provided that shot-calling duties are properly balanced between Mithy and Hauntzer, this new roster should easily extend TSM’s dominance over North America.

The newly-franchised NA LCS features a wide variety of organizations, some of which are operated by the majority owners of NBA teams like the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets. There’s still plenty of top talent available for these big investors to bring in, but as for now only a couple of teams seem to have completed their rosters.

Photo via SportTechie

With the offseason just starting, we can expect several updates in the next few days regarding free agency and contract buyouts. Stay tuned and find out who your favorite player will be representing next.

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