Two major mobile trends of our time: Social & Sports

It is neither a secret nor something new that our world is turning mobile -well it has already become mobile. There is no more need to look at internet or mobile (simple mobiles) penetration rates these days, rather on smartphone penetration rates. Last mentioned is evidencing that across the whole globe - no matter if North America (72%), South Korea (89%), the Middle East (76%) or Europe (68%) - almost 60% of the people in most countries in the world are using smartphones on a daily basis (Pew Research Center, 2016). Our daily lives have become mobile - and this is not a phenomenon of only developing countries, where people leap-frogged the desktop era - but it is present globally, especially in massive cities such as London, Berlin, Paris etc.

We organize our transport with UBER and its local competitors or use a car sharing service; we order our food at the likes of GrubHub, Deliveroo or Foodpanda (depending in which part of the world we live); in addition to navigating all kinds of other services from our mobiles. These include household services like the newly launched AmazonDash, even our financial activities are mobile, with app based bank accounts like Mondo or N26. Smartphones also help us pay our bills with the likes of Paypal and Transferwise, moreover our entertainment (e.g. Netflix, Spotify etc.) and social (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat) lives are organized from our mobile homescreens. All the needs and demands of our daily life are now truly at our finger tips.

Although we spend multiple hours per day on our phones and use numerous apps daily (Millenials tend to use even more than others) - there is no space to waste on countless apps on our devices. There is no doubt that in the last few years social apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter have taken over mobile homescreens globally whilst also changing our social behaviour considerably. We organize ourselves and connect with each other via Facebook, we share and announce news via Twitter and we share our social lives and memories via Instagram & Snapchat. But apart from the obvious socials apps, what is trending on our mobiles? What has emerged and is a major part of our mobile lives?

In the last few years the global health & fitness trend became present in every major global city and made the fortune of many early adaptors, especially in the fitness segment. Some reached fame through their millions of followers on Instagram and Youtube. Moreover many more apps have found their way into our mobiles: first and foremost the running apps like Runtastic and Nike+ or fitness apps like Myfitnesspal and Freeletics. All of these apps have been incredibly successful and attracted millions of loyal users across the world. So the trend of our time, health & fitness, has entered our smartphones and has truly become mobile. However all of those apps are functional - so far they track our running data as well as our progress and further advise us, which exercises we should do; but, aren’t we missing something? Isn’t there something more….?

Some would argue it fits the purpose, others might miss the social aspect in those apps. Why need a social aspect in our sport apps? Well, as outlined our life is navigated by apps, and as the rise of Tinder, Happn, OkCupid and other dating apps shows, we have a desire to meet people via our smartphones. These days people not only use Tinder, but - especially in cities like Berlin and London - also use multiple dating apps at the same time. In not just a few cases to get in contact with others and meet new people. So how about combining our desire for meeting new people and doing sports? Even as an app? How about a mobile solution to meet and connect with other people, while doing your favorite sports, running routine or workout?

PLVY is the solution and fills the missing gap! PLVY connects you with like-minded sports partners and activities around you.

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