How to build a chrome extension which replaces the “New Tab” of your browser.

My favourite to-do product Wunderlist was shutting down in May. I like the product because of its chrome extension which I used every day:

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All this extension does is to show up when you open any new tab in your browser. …

I just finished Udacity’s AI Product Manager nanodegree. In this post, I share why I took the course and if I can recommend it.

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My Profile

I always find it hard to read through reviews of online courses without knowing the profile of the person writing the review. Here we go:

I am a Product Manager and have worked in a few startups in different industries. I have studied Management but taught myself how to do (basic) coding. …

Welcome to my fourth part of my blog about my app idea. It has been quiet here for a long time since I lost a little bit the drive of keeping this blog updated. However a lot of things happened: I worked a lot on building the app(s) and released Zuster as a web application, a chrome extension, an Android app and as an iOS app.

I want to share here how I managed to build all this in around 10 weeks (while treating this as a side project next to my real Product Manager job).

For my MVP I wanted to validate whether my target user signs up for the service in large numbers, and more importantly, sees so much value in it that he/she keeps using it as a key application every week. …


Fabian Kutschera

Product Manager at Klarna. Previously worked at Rocket Internet. On Medium for Product Management, Machine Learning, Strategy and History. Creator of Tiny Tasks

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