Learning To Be Okay With Just Being Okay

I wish someone would of told me how different things would be after graduation. By that, I do not mean the new job you may or may not have, the new friends you make or that new city you have always dreamed of living in. By different, I mean difficult. A kind of difficult that will stretch you to your very core and you are left wondering what is the point of any of it? Now I can not speak for everyone, but I am sure we have all felt this at some point in our post-grad lives. As a millennial in college everything was fast-paced and in hands reach. As soon as one thing ended we were geared to already be on to the next assignment or that next coffee date. Meanwhile, in the real world, time moves a little differently. You do not hear back about a job till weeks or even months after, the days seemed more routine, the weekend seem to be filled with less drinking and more Netflix, your friends no longer live a door down and you actually have to make time to get to that happy hour. But do not panic, you will find comfort in these times. You will learn so much about yourself in regard to your resistance and perseverance. You will learn about what it is you truly want out of your career, what kind of friends you want to keep in your life, and life itself. I know you might be feeling all kinds of feels, I know I was and I know I still am. What I am trying to say is, it is okay to be scared, it is okay to be unemployed and living at home for a bit, it is okay to move to that new city, it is okay to do all of it or none of it because taking that risk is what matters.

I just recently got laid off because of lack of funding at my current non-profit and that is a risk I took. It has been exactly a year since graduation and I find myself looking for a job, yet again. My life might not sound glamorous at the moment, but life is not always as easy as an insta filter, even though we would like it to be. But I now have had so many different experiences that have shaped my future and now I can say I have mastered living paycheck to paycheck. While these next few months might be financially difficult, I know exactly what I want out of my career. I know where I want to be 5 years from now and I would not have known that if I had never given this city and this non-profit a shot.

I am sharing this because I am not ashamed of where I am at in my life and you should not be either. It is okay that I still do not have my “dream job” or feel that I am not making a huge difference in the world. Because I am okay. My family is okay. My friends and partner are okay. My new adorable fluff ball is okay and I know it is all going to be okay. Learning to be okay with just being okay is a journey, but one you you will not regret.

Sending love to all the new graduates and soon-to-be. I promise everything is going to be okay.