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The Electoral College is a brilliant voting system that equalizes the votes across rural and urban areas. It seems like the most simple solution to bring the Electoral College into the 21st century, would be to add a rule into the voting system that states the candidate who gets over 50% of the electoral vote and over 50% of the popular vote automatically becomes the next President.

If no one receives the majority of both the popular vote and the electoral vote, then a run-off would happen between the top two vote-getters.

Those who founded the United States Government and the voting system understood how important it was to have over 50% of the country backing its elected Executive Branch leader. Let’s not get rid of the Electoral College, but instead add a simple modification to bring it up to modern times. …

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April 13th, 2019

It seems we are seeing an undeniable pattern in the workforce. The wage gap between upper elite and average middle-class continues to grow, while employee responsibilities continue to increase without a pay raise that adequately reflects the increase in work-load.

Walmart recently announced its unveiling of using a Robot workforce to assist in its retail operations (click here to read more). …

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