12 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit Lithuania

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Now, let’s start :)

1. Lith… what? It’s not very nice!

Vilnius. Photo: indre.menci / Instagram

2. Boring. Who wants to see this?

Hill of Crosses in Šiauliai. Photo: simonerapizza / Instagram

3. Spring? Lithuanians have no idea what is Spring

Alytus Countryside. Photo: fabianas.lt / Instagram

4. Lets be honest, it’s ugly anywhere you go

Klaipeda. Photo: miss_migla / Instagram

5. Just another church in Vilnius Old Town. Haven’t we seen to many churches already?

Church of St. Anne, Vilnius. Photo: imasive / Instagram

6. This beach is too empty, not funny at all!

Nida beach. Photo: graciebell23 / Instagram

7. Lithuanian food is too fat and only potato based. Who likes potatoes these days?

Traditiional Lithuanian dish Cepelinai. Photo: fresitatr / Instagram

8. Winter is awful, there is too much snow

Kaunas. Photo: neringa.ulickaite / Instagram

9. The country has no history

Trakai Castle. Photo: bestcastles / Instagram

10. Let’s don’t talk about sports because they are very bad

Lithuanian basketball team, EuroBasket 2015. Photo: FIBA/Ciamillo-Castoria/Marchi

11. You do not want to try Lithuanian beer, not even close to top quality.

Photo: RedBallon.com

12. So why visit Lithuania? There is no point

Vilnius. Photo: nrumyantsev / Instagram

Oh snap! I almost forgot. Lithuanian girls are … well, you already know :)