Stephen Morgan, Shadow Armed Forces Minister and Member of Parliament for Portsmouth South shares his ideas on patriotism, unity, and conscription with the Fabian International Policy Group

The Foreign Office, Whitehall

Leaks and lost trust

By Joe Devanny

Sunnybridge Training Area (Open Government Licence v3.0)

Strong and Stable

by Joe Devanny

No Easy Way Out

By Emmanuel Artusa-Barrell

Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash

Building Resilience

By Robin Harvey

Emily Thornberry MP speaking at the FEPS-Fabian New Year Conference 2019

To have an ethical foreign policy, Labour must lead renewal of the responsibility to protect

By Rayhan Haque

Finding Order in a World of Disorder

By Tim Bishop

A Globalisation that Works for All

By Jenny Steel

Peace, Justice and Progressive Nationalism

By Bob Glaberson

The missing military dimension in the left’s debate on intervention

By Jenny Steel

Fabian International Policy Group

A network for Fabian members with expertise or interest in foreign affairs, international development and defence policy

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