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As React Native developers, I think we are all familiar with those essential libraries from react-native-community, as well as other ground-breaking ones like React Navigation and Reanimated.

In fact, there are also smaller contributors out there and their work are worth mentioning. I would like share 5 remarkable libraries that I’ve found and hopefully they would be useful in your project.

1. gorhom/bottom-sheet

This is by far the best bottom sheet library I’ve ever tried. It combined the seamless animation and gestures from reanimated-bottom-sheet and the scrollable feature from react-native-scroll-bottom-sheet, into one native-like performance library.

Bottom sheets are mounted through a portal…

Feature flags (toggles / switches), as the name suggested, are for switching on and off certain features in your application. You can add feature flags to perform A/B testing by switching on beta features for some users. You can use them as a fail-safe switch in case something goes wrong in production. Or you can use them to hide your work-in-progress features.

Here I’m going to show you how to implement features flags with Firebase Remote Config with React.

1. Initialize Firebase 🔥

We need to install 2 packages for this demo. …

I’ve built 2 personal websites up to this date. The first one was how I taught myself the basics of web development 4 years ago. It was a simple Bootstrap website and far from being presentable. I had a separated Ghost blog website as well but it was a mess when I tried to customize it. After years of solidifying my skills, I went to search for a better alternative which is fast, customizable and easy to maintain. Thereon, I found Gatsby and built my second personal website. The entire experience is truly remarkable.

In the process of learning how…

Icons are essential for every project. And there are multiple ways to import them. For quite some time, we’ve been importing them through CSS using links adding either to the HTML header or CSS import function. In the light of developer experience, we have npm packages that come with tonnes of icons that we can install and use effortlessly.

Today, I will show you how to build a flexible React icon component make use of these packages along with styled-components.

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Let’s Start!

In your React project, you can choose to install react-icons or meronex-icons. I will be using the latter which is…

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Before ending your job interview that you’ve probably prepared hard for, you would usually get the chance to ask questions. Every one could excel in their technical / personality / cultural interview because it’s about YOU. But what’s the point of getting the job if you don’t know about THEM?

Of course, you could google about the companies you are interested in. But they could be sugar-coated information. It’s always the best to ask someone in-person. This way you can get the most straight-forward, less filtered information from companies.

Asking questions can be a hidden evaluation of your performance, it…

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