When you are really worth to somebody?

How can you tell if you mean someting to someone?

There is no true answer to this, but what i learned in my brief time of life is that is easier to be worth to your friends than sibilings or a person that you were in a relationship with. People just don’t fucking care how was your day, how do you really feel and what you feel for them, what they truly want is your total compassion, that’s it!

But what happens if you try to make them think of it, think of you? Easy, they just don’t won’t to see your point of view, they don’t realise how bad it was for you, and how much effort you putted into buildind that trust you gave to them. You are the only one who can see it, it is a game that you play by your self and you play it blind, cause you don’t really see who’s right in front of you.

You tried your best to not fight with em to avoid discussions, but then you crumble down to your self, you really get the situation and you merge all your real thoughts all the things you didn’t said into a big “fuck you” that gives you back your liberty.

So my final answer to “be worth to someone” is fuck everyone who’s askin.