Dia da família na agência

What I lived working at Mirum Agency

Ten months ago I was getting my portfolio done and sending to Mirum, a global agency and to much bigger than any place that I ever been before.

In a few weeks, I was called for an interview, where I met the UI and UX managers. Was my first impact, a place where they don’t treat User Experience and User Interface as a unique thing, and I thought that amazing. The both managers were there because on my curriculum I presented myself as a hybrid professional, but I could only go to an only area, despite they work closely.

After more than one-hour talking (it was like fifteen minutes), the talk ended with my decision to try the position for Visual Designer: there was one position for Visual Design and three for UX Design, but the conversation was great–as I met him for a long time–, so I was fine with my decision. In the same month, I received a call and, in April 2015, I was starting on this agency that would change my professional side forever.

The first day

It’s common that on your first day you can’t work on projects. You need to adapt yourself, get used to your computer, your place, and the way that everyone works. On the beginning of the day, I had a meeting with five more new employees and Rafa, the recruiter agent (the sweetest people that I ever met). After learning everything about Mirum I was even more in love. The welcome kit was a warm hug, that made me feel officially there. Was really happening.

In the evening I was invited to participate in a brainstorming session, one of the steps of a big project (was three months dedicated to learning about the user, that was surreal for me). In that moment I realized that the working there was completely different that I was trying. In time I was introduced to my team (now as a unique team), UX and UI working side by side in each project. On the beginning, we were just a few, but today our team is quite bigger. My first day was great, I couldn’t start in a better way.

The people

The people are extremely professional. Walking on the corridors I heard a lot of people talking, but that really called my attention was the fact that the most part of them was talking about projects or about how they were working. Not that they couldn’t talk about other things, but they liked to talk about that. It repeated day-by-day and in each one, I felt more inspired and more matured on my profession. Swap stickers with people that are absurdly good on what they do and learn with them in practice are priceless. I have a huge admiration for each person that are here, and I’ve lost count of how many of them I would like to be like in the future.

Everyone embraces the cause and help each other

In the beginning, I got to confuse people with clients, mainly when the meeting room involved too many people. That’s because exists a great importance with the projects, everyone wants to make the best and the right ever, and doesn’t exist a fear of suggesting or pointing what is not good on client opinion: the solution always comes next. It allows a good relationship between agency and client, and it should happen always in every place.

The work evolution

In these ten months, what I most had at Mirum was freedom. Freedom to create in my own way, freedom to suggest, freedom to discuss. Besides that, there is no boss asking what are you doing 24/7 or when are you finishing some work. Your schedule, your responsibility. Does it mean that nobody cares about what you are doing? No, my luck. My manager always knows what I’m working on and sometimes “visits my screen” to give me some feedback. It has a big trust, on you and on your job, and it is instantly transformed into motivation and productivity. In the end of each project comes the critics (and, if deserved, consequently the praises) and if you accept them, they will make you grow up fast and day after day you perceives that your work is better.

The agency culture

It is not because I work in a Brazilian Mirum, but the people is very harmful. There is a culture in common shared by each Mirum of each country. They are people who help each other (literally. We have an intranet system to share problems and solutions) inside and out of the work. Do you have a job where you are not sure about how to start? Just contact some team that already worked on a project like that, but in Asia, for example. Want to impress your client with something else in a project? Just ask for help for someone in motion team. Yes! They will be there for you. The competition here is replaced by collaboration, and everybody celebrate when someone achieves something big to the career.

Every week, after a general meeting with the CEO about the week news, we have something called Drink Timesheet, a moment on Friday where we stop everything just to talk and drink beer, to finish a productive week and star another recharged. And during the year happen events just for people relax. The culture was created to make you feel like home. The ambient is always light, nobody is too serious, and who is, ends up giving up other people. Is the shame day after day, and is really pleasant waking up everyday knowing that you’ll work in a place like that.

Today, looking back, I see that the feeling of having butterflies in my stomach, leaving my comfort zone to work in a big agency, that would require much more of myself, worth it. Mirum definitely transformed my professional life. Everything that I learned in these ten months become something to bring to my entire life. Made me a better professional and grew up my personal side also. I still learn a lot more on next years, and who knows in a few months I will share a little more with you.

Ps.: Everything that I expressed here doesn’t have any relation with Mirum. It’s just a story of a very satisfied designer with the work that he’s doing.