Summer, Olympics and SaaS..
Ashmeet Singh

Really curious to know more about your way of working.

In the begin of the article you mentioned that you launched several social media channels, a blog, cold-mailing and landing pages to experiment (most used, standard marketing tools). And they were not working for you. Would like to know more about the strategy you used. Of course, And yes, I believe that not every tool based on your marketing strategy worked that well, but that’s probably because you had a lack of focus. Besides, you tried a lot in a short period of time, where you couldn’t measure the ROI — what’s really important when you use these tools.

Email marketing is still one of the best and proven marketing tools (also in SaaS), so curious what didn’t worked out for you. Open and click rates? Response rates? No increase in revenue? If yes, then it was related to your strategy. You can plan and measure, but you also have to analyse, optimise and test?

Besides that, you used blogging as a network tool. Please tell me more how you did that, as I know blogging only as a marketing tool, with the goal to share knowledge, increase revenue (by call-to-action) and generate traffic for example.

I guess it’s really important to decide which tools you want to use — based on historical analyses. Don’t try to focus on to much, but on those which work for you.

Take a look which tasks in the process you can automate, to save time and money. I wrote an article about that — you can take a look here.

Would love to hear from you.


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