Three Strategies To Improve Your Emotional Control

It pissed me off. I threw a tantrum and started yelling at the other person. I yelled at them and told them if they really wanted what we had. I remember talking to another person and bursting out in tears saying that I was sorry for doing something. I remember letting go of someone and ending up in a downward spiral of depression.

How do you handle emotions? What are you doing to make things better in life? I believe that our emotions have to be controlled in our lives. It is about assessing the situation and finding ways to best solve what is going on.

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When it comes to assessing your emotions what do you do? Do you let your emotions take control of you and do you begin to through tantrums or begin destroying things around you? I believe that our abilities to control our emotions are incredibly important. If we do not control them we can ruin our relationships, our work life, or our loved one’s lives.

There is a quote that comes to mind right now and it goes like this, “ Self-Care is not selfish, You cannot serve from an empty vessel”. In order to change the lives of others around you with inspiration, you must first take care of your own personal life. You cannot give something if you yourself do not have it.

I recently read this blog from Psychology Today. It taught me something valuable. It taught me that we try to cope with our problems. At times the strategies we use can either help us or it can damage us from moving forward. I want to challenge you to take these three steps to controlling your emotions.

  1. Use the Rumination tactic to combat a blowout situation. Whenever you are experiencing some emotional distress put yourself in a spot where you think about the problem at hand and assess what is going on. Ask yourself what you are feeling a certain way. Once you assess it, you can use the proper tactics to get rid of that negative emotion.
  2. Communicate the problem after you cool off for a bit. I think that we all need to gain composure before we solve the problem. When something is really making me angry I let it go and go back to it once my emotions to not have a hold of me.
  3. Positive Reappraisal looks at the positives in life especially when you cannot seem to find the good in any situation. Do what you can today & make your life better by looking at the positives. Gratitude cannot coincide with negativity.

If you apply these principles you will be well on your way to a growth mindset. I strongly believe that a growth mindset is necessary for you to improve your lifestyle; however, it all begins with you taking action. Grab either the Growth Mindset T-shirt or the Take Action T-shirt today.