On Monday October 12th 2020, the Fabian Society Economy & Finance Group hosted an online discussion entitled ‘A British Basic Income: Has the time come?’

Hosted by Steve Macey, Author of ‘A British Basic Income: Design and Implementation’, the event comprised the following participants:

Alfie Stirling, Director of Research and Chief Economist, New Economics Foundation

Stewart Lansley, Economist and Financial Journalist, Author of ‘A Universal Basic Income: An Idea whose time has come’.

Dr Louise Haagh, University of York and Author ‘The case for a universal basic income’

Lord Andrew Adonis, ex-Transport Secretary and Head of Tony Blair’s Policy Unit.

A recording of the event is available here:


We’d like to thank our panel and all those who attended the session.

Fabian Finance

The Fabian Society Economy & Finance Policy Group is a dedicated network for Fabian members with professional and academic expertise in economics and finance.

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