The Rising Trend of Digital Minimalism and Data Detox

minimalist abstract light beams coming form the sky
Photo by Christopher Burns on Unsplash

Screen free week, digital detox day, or Screen-less Sundays, we have seen more and more of these movements popping up recently.

There is a good reason for it; an awareness is rising. While today’s lifestyle and jobs have us spending a significant part of our time in front of screens

This is what I wrote to my family when my child was born.

This is the only picture I posted online (no face, no digits)

Last week, my wife delivered our first child. Among all the things that had to be done with the coming of a new I was overwhelmed with, the first thing I did was to write to my family about one very specific topic. Being online privacy-conscious and having several family…

Fabien Hameline

Fortune 500 Content Producer | Tech | Culture | Millennial Hustle

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