Actions — We customize PORTAL for Atlassian Jira Service Desk

On the customization of PORTAL for Jira Service Desk.

In this post we are going to see how we can set up customizations of the JIRA Service Desk PORTAL, so that it can execute Workflow transactions that provide for particular screens.


As we know very well, we can have workflow transactions that allow you to view a screen, in order to enter information about the fields we have in screen. The following image shows an example of a screen where the issue assignee can be set.

However, when we repeat this operation on PORTAL out-of-the-box (the real truth), it is not possible to set screens where the client can set values ​​on predefined fields.

The result is that very often managers complain about this gap ….

Possible solution?

At InTENSO have their own solution, which we go to detail :-). These are Actions for JIRA Service Desk. This addon allows to define Actions that perform the function described above also for users who access PORTAL

These actions are distinct from standard out-of-the-box workflow actions we can activate for Workflow transactions. This point should be kept in mind.

The result of this addon is as follows:

and consequently to be able to automate the operations.


An addon definitely essential for the management of our Jira Service Desk. In the next post we will examine in detail what it offers and we will try to discover limits and advantages.


More information can be found on the marketplace page .