Work/Life balance is bullshit.
Tobias van Schneider

I think this perspective is ingenuous: whatever ones does in life, if done “seriously” (and I’ll explain in a moment what I mean with that), there will be less than wonderful moments/tasks/periods/roles, be they hateful or just boring.

If there aren’t, it just means someone else is taking care of the sh*t all of the time instead, which means either being very rich/powerful (and paying/commanding them to do so) or having a very hateful behavior of somehow always discharging it on the shoulders of others (or possibly running away all the time); but this is just not “serious”.

With “not serious” I really mean, and that’s actually a much worse consequence, that one is not growing at all because growing is a lot about reducing rubbish (and, even more importantly, learning to have less in the future), possibly more so than doing stuff, whether we directly or indirectly caused it while learning (very often) or someone else did (this happens too). So, without the uncomfortable feeling of dealing with rubbish we can’t actually grow.

If one lives in an ideal world where everything is wonderful, he/she should wonder yourself honestly 1) if he/she’s not making some else life’s a hell-on-earth and 2) if he/she’s actually growing and getting enriched from his/her activity.

So “ideal” is really much less than ideal, it’s actually bad and if one furthermore doesn’t feel the need to take a break it’s even less good: as our mamas taught us, everything in excess or in defect is hurtful and the Right Way (TM) is found in, guess what, a good balance between different, rather than good or bad, things.

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