It’s Not About Race!
John Metta

All your points make sense and are exposed very eloquently and intelligently, but maybe we could still dig deeper.
Actually sorry for my bad english, i hope I will express properly.

I don’t believe it is really about race: it is about human nature instead. And that evil side which, sadly, resides in almost all of us.

For some reasons (that i consider geographical, environmental and eventually social) Europeans happened to “develop” earlier on a certain scale, thus the very human instinct to dominate on others found a fertile ground.

Then it came religion, and fire. European had gun-fire when Africans still were with arches… they went to Africa and showed those strong, beautiful indigenous how they could kill someone by just sitting on a chair… how could that happen? “Hey strong black man… you see? My God is stronger than all your Gods altogether… Do you want to be as good as me? Do you too want fire-guns to kill your neighbour tribe, so you can finally impose your own cuture? Forget all your Gods, just worship My God. Actually you must also speak my language”. “Oh yes mr. White man, of course i want to kill them motherfuckers”.

Cultural subjugation began.

I am Italian and I used to live long time in Indonesia, a large muslim country. The dominant class is the Chinese minority. Hell yeah! they do discriminate fellow Indonesians. As all over Asia tanned people are discriminated by fellow pale-skin Asians. Of course also non-christians are discrimianted… As well as non-christians discriminate christians, Hindus discriminate all non-hindus, and african tribes discriminate each other. It is a chain!

We are all slaves of prejudice and greed, we all get blind when we smell power. It is not a matter of race, we are so badly humans and some sort of evil lies within us all.

When i first got to Bali, the island of the Gods, in our “white, pseudo-intellectual, neo-hippie, expats community” we always talked about us threatening the secular, highly spiritual Balinese culture. “They are so nice, genuine, cute, and so charmingly pure” (in the meanwhile…”hey bro i’ve just bought 5 hectares of land for ridiculous price….).

The Balinese started selling lands and making money, lots of money: always less balinese did heavy, humble jobs, so they began importing Javanese workers. Javanese slaves actually, who have to learn speaking Balinese. 
Everybody still profit out of them: Balinese, Europeans, Afro-Europeans, Chinese, Middle eastern, and last but not least other Javanese.
Uhm actually i forgot to mention Papua, where the indigenous are being killed everyday by democratic, islamic Indonesia in the name of “civilization”

That is not about race, that’s about OIL.

Everybody in a position of power will discriminate and abuse others, also out of macro-cultural subjugation.

Sorry again for my bad english.

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