Fool-proof trick to start flossing your teeth every single day like a champ

Flossing my teeth every day has been a habit so tremendously hard to acquire that I honestly lived through 29 years thinking I would probably never be able to do it consistently.

Then I read a simple, simple, simple, stupidly simple trick on James Altucher’s book “Choose Yourself” (which is is a very good book, totally not about dental health at all) and I started doing it. I can now say I have been flossing nonstop for about 21 days, which is decidedly longer than I ever managed before.

The trick is so mind-numbingly pedestrian that I feel:

  1. A little embarrassed that it worked on me;
  2. The need to warn you: it will seem silly.

It seemed silly to me. I only actually tried it because it got me laughing and I thought it would be funny to try. Not worthwhile; funny. Never in a million years I thought it would actually do the trick, but it did.


Here goes:

Floss one tooth.
Every day.
Just one tooth.

I swear it worked like a charm for me. I thought to myself “look how silly I am, ha ha, cutting out a piece of floss string to floss just one teeth, ha ha!”, but there I was. Flossing.

Next night before sleeping, I did the same. It was so easy! I was done in literally 20 seconds. And I could pat myself on the back and think “hey, I flossed today. How cool of me”.

In about four days the novelty factor wore off, so I went a little wild and flossed all the front bottom teeth. I didn’t care for the upper teeth at all, nor did I go to the trouble of reaching the far back ones in the bottom. DM;DF! (Doesn’t matter; did floss.)

The night after that I was super sleepy and tired so I got back to just flossing one tooth. DM;DF!

Twenty-one flossing nights in, I’m still not flossing in a completely thorough manner every day. There is time. I know I won’t be stopping, so I’ll take my time.

What matters is that I’m flossing every day. And it’s fairly easy.

All thanks to a stupid easy mind trick.

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