How to Flirt with a Woman Wearing Headphones? (Hint: Don’t)
Charles Clymer

Hi, Charles.

I agree on the profoundly questionable nature of said article, and I agree on principle that intruding on someone's private space just because you feel like it is beyond rude.

However, I'd like to ask: where/when is it appropriate, in your opinion, to approach a woman? Is it just and exclusively on bars and nightclubs, where it's basically impossible to strike a conversation?

I'm not saying you're wrong and I am right, but I guess I'm saying that while you've set in stone a number of hard don'ts, the only hard rule is don't be a clueless prick. If I find a girl attractive and she's wearing a Weezer shirt and she's holding a Douglas Adams book and she's just staring at the other side of the subway car and doing nothing with a neutral body language, and if I know I will have the common sense and basic decency to know in the first 20 seconds of a conversation whether she's open to keep talking to me or not and then respect this, I don't see why that's as wrong as you're making it sound.

Context, is what I'm talking about.

If she was reading the book, I wouldn't.
If she was using headphones, I wouldn't. 
If she was talking to someone, I wouldn't.
If she was visibly closed with her body language, I wouldn't.

What I'm saying is that while you say that approaching women in non-explicitly-social places is 100%, totally, inexcusably a big no all the time regardless of circumstance, I'd say there could be a right context for that no matter where you are. You just have to not be a dick about it. Right?

I'd appreciate a response on this, if you could. Maybe I'm wrong.