QAnon complex

A DW program finally broke the silence of the mainstream media about a growing threat that was born in the USA and spread across Europe and reached Brazil: the QAnon.

While watching the debate I remembered the final scene of an old film.

A great civilization is not conquered before it is destroyed from within.

I confess that I am delighted to see QAnon destroy the USA from the inside. I suppose that this process of destruction will be faster when the movement manages to infiltrate the US Army, US Navy and US Air Force.

The most fantastic thing is the role that algorithms play in this story. The owners of QAnon profit by spreading misinformation, but the owners of Big Data companies also profit from it.

Programmed by greed, the algorithms do not care about the harm they are doing to society. Society's interests cannot be and are not computable objects. The same cannot be said of the interests of those who pocket millions of dollars every day because of the frantic activity of the algorithms.

The abundance of Potosí silver greatly enriched the Spanish Empire in the 16th and 17th centuries. Result: the Spaniards became lazy, arrogant, vagabonds and hooligans, accelerating the collapse of their country.

The United States appears to be doomed to have a similar dark destiny. The easy profit obtained with algorithms can be considered the Potosí silver of the Americans.

One thing was evident in the DW program. The attempted invasion of the German Parliament by QAnon activists sparked a political reaction to the movement in that country. It is likely that Germany will monitor QAnon more closely. The repression of violent activists and the fight against disinformation will be intensified in Germany.

In Brazil, QAnon seems to be closely linked to the Bolsonaro family. Fortunately for us, through the Fake News Inquiry the Brazilian Supreme Court has already begun to dismantle the "hate office" and undermine the financial scheme created to make a profit by distributing disinformation and encouraging political radicalization.

In the USA, despite Steve Bannon's arrest for corruption, QAnon is not being cracked down by authorities. Quite the contrary, the movement has been praised by Donald Trump.

In general, we can say that the American State was not created and dimensioned to repress profit making, something that in USA is equivalent to the search for happiness and/or religious salvation. In addition, Big Data companies allocate part of the profits they make from QAnon to the two big political parties.

Will this closed circle of petty interests reinforced by the dominant ideology amplify the devastating effect of this movement in the USA? To check it later.




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Fabio De Oliveira Ribeiro

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