When we work with SPFx (SharePoint Framework) the code editor we are going to use is almost exclusively Visual Studio Code.

For those not familiar, Visual Studio Code is a source code editor developed by Microsoft for Windows, Linux and macOS with an Open Source license and based on Electron…

Top 25 European Logo 2018

I’m very happy and honored to announce that this year I was selected as one of the “Top 25 SharePoint Influencers in Europe for 2018”.

I leave you the link find the official post of harmon.ie with the announcement took place today at ESPC2018.


Global Office 365 Developer Bootcamp

Also this year it’s time to join the Global Office 365 Developer bootcamp.

Unlike last year, I, Emanuele and Giuseppe decided to replicate the success of last year, but two different dates, the first in Rome and the second one in Milan.


In Rome we will be present on November…

It was a real surprise for my participation as a speaker for this SharePoint Saturday.

I had come to make a Weekend in Zurich to find my friend Emanuele Bartolesi and so I decided to participate in SharePoint Saturday, at Kraftwert Impact Hub Zurich, already that I was there.

On February 25, 2018 I had the pleasure to participate in the very first SharePoint Saturday in India that was hosted in Chennai.

Fabio Franzini — SharePoint Saturday Chennai 2018

During the event I helped Stefano Tempesta during the Keynote talking and doing some demos of SharePoint PnP.

Next I did my session “Introduction to SharePoint Framework…

React.js cheatsheet

Developing SharePoint solutions by using the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) we don’t have to use a specific framework but we are free to use whatever we want.

This is a huge benefit for developers but there are circumstances where actually this thing is not really true.

There are two cases when…

In the last year I had the opportunity to attend many more conferences than in previous years, and I am very happy about that.

Being able to participate in conferences and user-group allows you to exchange opinions and advice both with experts in the field and with people who eventually…

In a world ever faster, companies need tools that allow them to implement what they ask for rapidly reducing the lowest possible cost.

Along with Dynamics 365, Microsoft released their Business Application Platform that can be used to build sophisticated business apps (Line of Business) using PowerApps which can be…

Fabio Franzini

Office Development MVP, One of Top 25 SharePoint Influencers in Europe for 2018 and Microsoft Web Stack lover. Senior Consultant, Software Engineer & Trainer.

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