Recap of my conferences in 2017

In the last year I had the opportunity to attend many more conferences than in previous years, and I am very happy about that.

Being able to participate in conferences and user-group allows you to exchange opinions and advice both with experts in the field and with people who eventually get their hands dirty with those that are the topics of the event.

It is always a moment of growth, both for those who expose the topics and for those who come to listen to you.

Of all the events I participated in, there are 3 that I want to mention in chronological order.

SPS Milan 2018

I had the privilege of participating in the SharePoint Saturday organized in Italy by Stefano Tempesta, Paolo Pialorsi and Igor Macori at the Microsoft House in Milan on September 30, 2017.

SPS Milan 2018 — Attendees

The number of participants was very good, more than 100 people and from the feedback the event was very appreciated, both for organization and for the content proposed by an international team of speakers!

It was a real pleasure to be able to participate.

SPS Milan 2018 — Speakers Team

My session was an introduction to the SharePoint Framework, starting from the tools up to the development of WebParts.

Global Office 365 Developer Bootcamp 2017 — Milan

Global Office 365 Developer Bootcamp
The Global Office 365 Developer Bootcamp is a free, one-day training event led by Microsoft MVPs with support from Microsoft and local community leaders. The bootcamps will provide hands-on labs for deep learning, and a comprehensive view of all key technologies and products on the Office 365 platform. Developers can apply these learnings to their products or solutions to achieve more right away.

In this case the event was organized by me together with Emanuele Bartolesi and Giuseppe Marchi, an excellent team that was able to collect 40 people at the wonderful location of Microsoft House in Milan on a full day of theory and labs.

Global Office 365 Developer Bootcamp — Attendees

The topics covered:

  • Office 365 Platform Opportunity, Overview & Introduction to SharePoint Framework
  • Deep Dive on SharePoint Framework
  • Introduction to Microsoft Graph

This is definitely the first of a whole series of events that will be reproposed during this year, stay tuned!

WPC 2017 — Milan

WPC 2017 (Windows Professional Conference) is the conference organized by Overnet Education that every year is back in November, bringing to an audience of about 300 people the latest technological innovations in the Microsoft field.

WPC 2017 — Keynote selfie

From 2015 I’m part with Michele Sensalari, Roberto Freato, Francesco Diaz and Alessandro Appiani of the agenda managers: the bad people who filter the sessions of the CFP and select the most interesting ones, planning the order in the 3 days Conference totals

WPC 2017 — Keynote

In the last edition, besides having participated in the Keynote talking about the news on Office 365 for developers, I talked about PowerApps and Flow for No-Code Development.

And for 2018?

This year I have the objective to increase even more the events, both national and international to participate.

See you around! ;)

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