How to Overcome Anxiety in Children?

Of course, parenting is a big responsibility; however, if you are raising children by adopting the traditional parenting style, it may contribute to making your relationship with them difficult. Moreover, the potential of children to grow and adapt to changes is another new development which could make the parenting in the future easy for parents in terms of increasing the confidence of parents in the children’s ability to grow and improve in personal and professional life. For example, if your child does not seem to share the toddler toys with the peers, it can be changed if you pay attention to them and take into consideration the recommendations of the scientist.

According to the new researchers, the children have the capability to adapt to the changes and their brains are constantly growing, which means that if your child is not doing well in studies, it could be improved by finding out the root cause and making the problems children face easy for them. In simple words, if your child is not doing well in the class or if he/she seems to be grappling with understanding the important concepts, the problems can be resolved.

This is not to say that heredity characters are not vital or it can be undermined, however, if you think children have fixed state of mind and if they are not doing well in one subject you may doubt their caliber level, which is a wrong approach, especially if one takes into account the recent finding. Therefore, it is best to work on the growth mindset of the children in which you allow them to learn things in different or less traditional ways, as the main aim of parenting is to achieve the end results rather than disputing over the mean to achieve the end. For instance, if your child is good at learning from visual images, it should be encouraged, as long as the student is achieving the desired scores. This is not to say that traditional methods are mostly useless, however, if your child is producing better results by adopting new approaches, it should be acceptable.

Some of the natural scientists have recently revealed that children brains are not fixed, rather they are in the process of evolution and if parents associate the intelligence of the child with traditional methods, it may create friction between the children and parents. In simple words, growth mindset will differentiate one set of parents from another in terms of giving priority to contradictory elements. For example, the language parents use to support the children or whenever they need them is one of the crucial factors. This means that if you use supportive language in terms of right phrases and vocabulary, the confidence of children is likely to improve in addition to making them strong enough to handle hard situations.


Though the encouragement of parents is very important for children, however, if the parents use it irresponsibly or overuse it, it may boost the confidence of children to such an extent that they may become overconfident or it may lead them to wrong ideas in terms of violating the rules or doing odd things. Therefore, it is best to encourage children, however, if you don’t want the children to take it for granted, you will have to be very careful in terms of boosting their confidence. In addition, if you emphasize on the growth mindset, it will make them grateful to you for supporting the growth and development in them.

Focus on the Strategy and Efforts

The value of end results cannot be overlooked, however, if you teach children to measure the success and failure in form of counting or considering the end results, it may make them pessimistic or disappointed, especially if they are not going through the good patch of life or if they are simply struggling with problems. For instance, if you keep them focused on the process and merits of experiencing new things, they may become good at handling situations which are not in their favor. In simple words, teaching kids to enjoy the process of making mistakes will prepare them for obstacle and challenging scenarios.

Improving the Capabilities of Children

If you want to facilitate the children in increasing the capability, the best approach is to introduce them to tough situations in term of challenging the mind to come up with innovative solutions. For instance, the exercises of improvisation can make them think out of the box. Moreover, if your child is not enjoying studies, you can ask them to look for good things or reasons to make it less hard for them in terms of trying their level best to make it work.

Critical Feedback

Though it is the first instinct of parents to support the children in terms of underscoring the merits or good parts, however, if you compare the progress of children whose parents are critical and good at providing the constructive criticism, you would be convinced or may change your mind. For instance, if you train the children to take the constructive criticism positively, they are likely to learn more from it than just working with positive feedback. In addition, it gives them the urge to meet the unexpected or unachieved standards in terms of driving them to impossible goals. In addition, if your children can’t seem to do well in the traditional sense, you may want to change the environment for them or acquaint them with alternative means of learning rather labeling them as incompetent.

Growth Mindset

The main aim is to teach your kids to take risks in terms of exploring new avenues and ways of approaching things. For instance, if they can’t learn in the classroom, maybe a video lecture may help them to overcome the obstacles. The main idea is to enable the children in form of not fearing the anxiety or worrying about things and if they divert attention towards the growth mindset, it would engage the mind in the right direction.