I love musicians

I love musicians. They make me feel better, happy, more complete. Because their mission is to create music, and music makes the world more beautiful. This is the drive behind opening this blog. Musicians gave me a lot, and I want to start giving back. How? By doing all I can to present possibilities to them. Possibilities to make their talent shine even brighter in today’s music world, which is going through incredible changes. Change can be scary, but change can be full of opportunities. I want to share stories, tools, ideas, provocations, technologies and anything that can be useful to turn the craft of music into a self-sustaining activity that creates value in terms of:

  • Beauty — the pleasure of creating and listening to music
  • Benefit — the financial income that a musician creates
  • Good — the deep positive effect that music has on people

The reason why I think I’m able to help is because I’m a musician myself, and because I developed a broad experience around change and transformation as a finance professional, dealing with companies facing the need to adapt to new environments, identifying new paths in many different industries. Now I will do my best to put my learned lessons to the service of the passion we all share. I do hope that this can be a place where people can discuss and create valuable connections with each other. I’ll do my best, please feed me back about what you’ll see here. Enjoy the ride on the river of possibilities.

In the picture above you see me with: Herbie Hancock, Al Di Meola, Esperanza Spalding, Wayne Shorter and Larry Coryell — we’ll hear a lot about all these and many more players…

Originally published at lifeinmusic.co on February 27, 2015.