Is the future of design happening on Windows?
Julius Koroll

That’s a comparison between a Notebook and a Desktop Computer. For example, the new Surface Book hasn’t got more than 16GB of RAM either. And specs on the new MacBook Pro 15" really are great… they actually couldn’t be better (other than “only” 16GB of RAM). CPU, GPU and SSD speeds are at the top. Display is amazing as always. And yeah, some ports got removed, but with four (!) Thunderbolt 3 (!) ports you have much more power than any other notebook — especially much more bandwidth. Just as an example, you could connect up to two 5K or four 4K monitors (officially).

And after all, it’s a notebook and I can’t see any reason why this isn’t a great machine for designers and also I can’t think of another notebook which is “better” for a designer — or better said, I can’t think of features that are missing for a designer.

So, I do not agree with you: This is indeed a machine made for pros!