The 3 stages of evolution.

Or how does the synthesis occur?

I am the thesis and the other one, unlike me, the antithesis. At first we´re indifferent to each other, we´re disconnected, it doesn´t matter the other and we don´t communicate to each other, we don´t exchange anything, we not even see ourselves. We are hide in the dissociation and tied in the invisible web of duality. There is no relationship.

Until the universe — always the universe — in his eternal need to flow puts us in the same space, in the same time, in the same dimension of interaction. In this irreversible situation we´re forced to realize and accept the existence of the other one, an otherness that goes far beyond our singularity. Here the synthesys process starts and duality evolves to polarity.

In this polar stage the other to who I was indifferent before, now exists and is my enemy, just because he´s my opposite and different of mine. So I want to compete with him because my mental conditioning believes his existence endangers my survival. No space, no food, no money, no resources exist for everyone, and then the fight for the control of the different begins. Fear and the belief of scarcity feeds the war and separation still reigns.

But one day — yes finally one day it happens — we´re completely exhausted of struggling and deceiving. It´s very exhausting to be in a permanent alertness to protect ourselves of pseudo enemies. Then we start to have some evolutionary ideas and to realize this fight is insane and probably there must be another way to live because in the war, even when we win, we lose. Eventually we realize a more sustainable, more creative, more collaborative and more intelligent way to continuous our journey in this planet.

Because of this relationship, the whole system, which includes everyone else, learn and evolves. Interaction by itself is a deep force who promotes evolution. This energetic creative exchange among multiple polarities strengths the systemic diversity. The poles begin to communicate indeed, to open to each other, to exchange, to co-create, to cooperate, to integrate and to transform their selves and mainly to dance. From this point, all the system expands and transcends itself entering in a new level of manifestation.

When the poles dance instead of fight, the whole, the holos have a phenomenal gain of energy and jump a quantum step in the evolutionary coil. A new stage begins and everyone, part of the whole, wins, become bigger, learns, grows up and gets rich in the abundance flow when one discovered that yes it´s enough for everybody.

The synthesis process (from duality to polarity to transcendence) happens not just inside us, among atoms, molecules, cells, and between our many sub-personalities. It also happens outside us: in our families, companies, in a country, in a planet an throughout the holoverse.

The synthesis, this eternal and creative process that flows to the manifestation of the individual, collective and global essence, is always happening. It occurs simultaneously in all those levels, in all dimensions, inside and outside us, until this virtual and illusory boundaries entirely disappear and a new unit is installed in a new frequency and therefore the evolutionary process continuous.

— part of the book Holoplex, by Fabio Novo


— translation — tks to Isa Trajtengertz

Originally published at Holoplex.