1000 reasons to imagine Fiori as the present (and not the future) of SAP

In 15th May 2013, SAP launched what was considered by much time just a set of HTML5 based apps called “SAP Fiori”.

At that time, there was a lot of buzz going on about that. “Another trial of making a decent UI?” — someone said. “Why another JavaScript library?” — others asked (referring to UI5). “After so many UI libraries and frameworks as BSP and Web Dynpro, what are the reasons for believing that this Fiori will make it?”

After 1225 days since the advent of SAP Fiori, it’s undiscussable that Fiori has made it. Since them, SAP delivered exactly 1003 standard apps, completing the first thousand today, as yesterday (19th September 2016) there were 997 apps available in the Fiori Apps Library.

Moreover, more than a half of these apps were created in the last 12 months, which proves a lot for customers, partners, SAP consultants and people who criticize Fiori:

  1. The ability of SAP to adapt itself
  2. The benefits of Design Thinking in mid and long term
  3. A real adoption from SAP customers
  4. The alignment and focus on the UX stategy
  5. The benefit of making UI5 open source and using other open standards like oData (as a matter of fact, SAP’s OpenUI5 received 12x more commits compared to Twitter’s Bootstrap just last month according to GitHub Pulse. During the same period, 91 different developers contributed to the repository somehow where 23 contributed to Google’s AngularJS).
  6. UI5 is getting better at a very fast pace. It’s possible to do way more now with even less code

Are there any other companies being able to deliver more than one app by day for more than a year? I am sure not many. Those apps are globally available and 2/3 of them required SAP HANA, which just adds for the ROI for companies which already understood its importance.

If you still think Fiori is not going to last long, do you really think Apple wouldn’t partner with SAP? They already did! (By the way, OpenSAP just launched the new course SAP Fiori for iOS — An Introduction).

Some people can still say Fiori is not beautiful.

Some people can still argue AngularJS has way more advantages

Some people can still understand that in the end of the day, Fiori is still a set of apps (no matter if someone say that “Fiori is a concept” or something similar)

Some people can still (and some will) create SAP programs like they used to do in early 90s.

However, the use and future of SAP Fiori is not subject of personal opinion anymore.

Fiori is the present.

If you still don’t think so, well… that’s OK. You are just wrong.

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