The Hindenburg and the Web

Life or death in 30"

What do they have in common?
Any Guess?
It's simple: 30 Seconds.

The Hindenburg disaster was a tragedy, we all know that.
What we often don't realize is that everything happened in 30 seconds!
Life or death for 97 souls: 35 died, 62 survived.
Reverse it: two out of three found a way out from 200,000 m³ of burning hydrogen in those 30 seconds!

And the web?
It's the same: in 30 seconds visitors will decide the life or death of your website, as far as they are concerned.

You have a very limited time to capture user attention and any second gained is a chance to keep them.
In few seconds they will scan the page looking for what's most relevant to them and decide weather to continue or not.

Unless your page is well written and clear, it loads quickly and it's usable; the first 10 seconds could be the last ones, alike in a job interview.
You think you can't do much in 30 seconds? Actually, you can check lot of things yourself in that limited time, read "how to critique a webpage in 30 seconds" and use their web-app quoted at the end.

Still not convinced?
Watch this video and remember that by the end of it 62 people escaped from their fate out of that burning giant...

If you read this line and arrived here in less than a minute, video excluded, I succeed

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