This is my first “lockdown” week-end after a week of confinement. I’m not alone. Most of us are confined now. Most of the world is confined or will be very soon.

I won’t go outside this week-end and that’s fine.

I’m lucky. I share my life with my wife and my two sons in my apartment in Lille, France. Hopefully, we’re not infected. Not yet. We’re now following the rules very strictly. To protect us, but more importantly, to protect everyone else. Let’s not be selfish.

In January and February, the weather was bad. It rained every single day. Or it seemed so. Since the beginning of the week, sun made a big come back. The sun taunts me. If you know me a little, you know that I would really like to go outside. Buy a book in my local bookstore, buy some groceries, find some new cheese to taste, bike to the butcher, jog in the biggest public park of the city. I would love to do all of these activities today. Like every “regular” Saturday. But for the next few weeks, my world will look different. …

We get a lot of positive feedback on Symfony 4. You love the new directory structure. You love the simplicity of using services without configuring anything. And you love the automation that Flex provides. It makes me happy and proud.

But one issue I hear sometimes is that it is more complex to start a new project. Most projects need many Symfony features. …

Performance is an interesting and sensitive topic. Suffice to say that most projects should not care too much; modern PHP frameworks are fast enough for most use cases and projects. And PHP 7 performance improvements help a lot as well. But people like to compare frameworks, and I guess performance is one way to do so.

What about Symfony 4? During its development cycle, we did some nice performance optimizations: mainly to improve the router and container speed. But several non-related changes in Symfony 4 also help with performance… Your mileage may vary depending on your specific project of course.

Synthetic benchmarks that were made to back pull requests that claimed to improve performance do not always convert to gain on real-world projects. …


Fabien Potencier

founder and CEO @SensioLabs and @blackfireio, founder and project lead @Symfony