Symfony 4: Contributing Recipes

  • The “main” official repository, hosted at will be opinionated. Submissions will be reviewed carefully. They will need approval from the Symfony core team (like pull requests on the main symfony/symfony repository). We want the utmost quality and the best developer experience.
  • The “contrib” repository, hosted at will not be opinionated. Curated by the community at large, most submissions will be accepted.
  • Only the “main” repository can define aliases (that makes sense I suppose);
  • By default, Symfony Flex only searches recipes in the “main” repository. Using the “contrib” repository is opt-in. Enable it by executing composer config extra.symfony.allow-contrib true.
SYMFONY_ENDPOINT= composer req foo/bar
SYMFONY_ENDPOINT= composer create-project symfony/skeleton demo




founder and CEO @SensioLabs and @blackfireio, founder and project lead @Symfony

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Fabien Potencier

Fabien Potencier

founder and CEO @SensioLabs and @blackfireio, founder and project lead @Symfony

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