We’re writing today with a heavy heart to announce the sunsetting of the Fabric App.

Fabric has been a labor of love for us for the last four years. We’ve devoted all our time and energy into making the product we think should exist in the world. In the process…

Today we’re officially introducing the Fabric Data Exporter.

We believe that you should be in control of the data you add to Fabric, and that it is yours to port to a different service if needed. Historically, we have supported our users doing this on an ad-hoc basis, but today we are introducing a robust tool to export your entire history on Fabric.

The export includes a .json file of your moments, along with any media you have uploaded. When needed, these files are zipped to reduce the download size.

We are working on ways to improve this tool, and are taking user feedback into account. That said, this tool is a first step toward data portability, which is something we have been striving toward.

Security Update

We want to bring your attention to a vulnerability that’s been reported to us by a security researcher. We fixed the vulnerability as soon as it was verified, and we have found no evidence of it having been used by anyone other than the researcher.

The researcher discovered…

Today, we’re excited to announce the latest evolution of Fabric! You can get it on the App Store.

We started Fabric with a bold mission: to help people remember more of their life stories. We believe everyone’s story is important, and everyone should be able to reconnect with the uniquely…

Back when we, the Fabric founders, worked on the early Facebook Platform team, ca. 2010, we were really excited to contribute to and launch the Facebook login feature on third party websites and apps.

It took away the burdensome process of creating an account on every new service we encountered…

As many of you have already learned, Facebook announced at the beginning of the month the shutdown of a few acquired properties, most notably our beloved Moves iOS app. All Moves data will be permanently deleted on July 31st.

All is not yet lost, however, as you can now use…

Available in the App Store now

Our lives are a collection of extraordinary narratives.

First, there’s the self-centered and straightforward story of yourself. It has one single protagonist who knows every part. Or more accurately, if it weren’t for the limitations of our carbon brains, you would be able to…

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