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Fabrice Le Fessant
Jun 19 · 2 min read

Dear Community,

We’re grateful for the past few years working with the Tezos community. We learned a lot while striving to contribute at the deepest level to build and fortify Tezos and its endeavors.

From my days at INRIA for 15 years and teaching at Ecole Polytechnique, to founding OCamlPro in 2011 and finally contributing to the emergence of Tezos, I have always focused towards forward-thinking and creating value for the space, in a meaningful, impactful, pacifist and long term way.

Today, I am leaving OCamlPro and its successful TzScan and Liquidity projects to lead the newly created Origin Labs company, aiming to work exactly in the same way as I have always done. Origin Labs and I are very excited to work with a consortium on what comes naturally next for us: building a robust and innovative pro-business blockchain platform called DUNE Network.

For us, DUNE Network is the next chapter of our lives. We are going to quietly build it, and we’ll give more details on that topic soon.

We wish the best to Tezos and thank Arthur Breitman for his good wishes, as we deeply share his view on the importance of a free and open ecosystem. We remain committed to a spirit of cooperation that will enrich this community as a whole.

We’re moving forward in gratitude and looking to the future with great optimism. Thank you for being a part of this journey.

Fabrice Le Fessant, and the Origin Labs team

Fabrice Le Fessant

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A former researcher at INRIA for 15 years, Fabrice founded OCamlPro in 2011, and created many open-source projects, such as MLdonkey and MNPLight.