SSL monitoring with elasticsearch

Expiry of our certificates over time
Endpoint grade repartition
  • Step 1 — Extract a list of all our records
octodns-export --config-file config/production.yaml --output-dir csv/ config
zone,type,record,ttl,value,geo,healthcheck,MX,,3600,"{u'preference': 10, u'exchange': ''}",,,TXT,,3600,Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed at arcu molestie augue viverra porttitor ut ac odio.,,,A,,3600,,,,CNAME,,10800,,,,CNAME,,10800,,,,CNAME,,10800,,,,CNAME,,10800,,,,CNAME,,10800,,,,CNAME,,10800,,,,A,,3600,,,
#!/bin/bashfind csv/ -type f | xargs -n1 -P4 awk -F',' '{gsub("*","star",$3); if (($2 == "A" || $2 == "CNAME" || $2 == "AAAA") && $3 !~ /stage|origin|ftp|sql|dev|mail|localhost/) print $3}' > domains.lst$ wc -l domains.lst
32957 domains.lst
  • Step 2 — Analyse each domain with Qualys SSLLabs-scan tool
# AWS Batch JSON job definition
"containerProperties": {
"image": "devops/ssllabs-scan:latest",
"vcpus": 1,
"memory": 2000,
"command": [
# Docker command
docker run --rm devops/ssllabs-scan:latest -elasticsearch -elastic_host http://<host>:9200 -elastic_index <index_name> -usecache <dns_record>
  • Step 3 — Create visualizations in Kibana
Kibana dashboard with created from the Qualys ssllabs-scan results
  • Step 4 — Resolve all the issues




DevOps @ MindGeek Canada

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Fabrice Baumann

Fabrice Baumann

DevOps @ MindGeek Canada

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