Facebook’s UX is killing the “home” button
Avi Ashkenazi

Are these statements you’re making based on data? Can you quote the source?

  • “In Facebook no one looks at the Buy section.”
  • “In Instagram people don’t take pictures, they just add pictures they took on their camera app.”
  • “In Messenger no one uses the My Day camera feature.”
  • “In WhatsApp no one uses the camera button.”

Also, when you point to the navigation inconsistency across Facebook products: “The bottom navigation mess across Facebook’s apps = no consistency + changing hierarchies”

Do you think people expect consistency between brands they don’t necessarily know are related (e.g. Facebook and Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp)? What’s the data source for this?

As a designer you certainly know a lot of these decisions are based on data – especially at Facebook. Do you have any data to support these arguments, or is this just destructive feedback?

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