Reversing the Lies of the Sharing Economy
Brett Scott

Dear Brett, I found your article very interesting. What you call the gift economy is simply the real economy, that is essentially the economy of people (call it the political economics, or micro-economics if you want). The economy of things, that works through the market is an additional instrument that has only the purpose to be functional to the real economy. As you wrote, people can feel good just exchanging help, considerations, emotions, with no exchange of goods and services. Moreover, the monetary economy has only the purpose to empower the economy of things, and by this latter, give more possibilities to the real economy. So, there is something wrong if someone defines its own objectives only within the monetary economy (collecting money?) or also only within the economy of things (collecting things or luxury things?). It takes sense only if people defines their objectives within the real economy (feeling good, or happy, enjoy relations with others etc.).

Sharing economy platforms are a very good opportunity to remember, and educate people, about the value you should always give to things of the real economy. But this value is up to you. What you think about it?

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