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Hey there, Welcome to 2016, the year we’ll bleach life till it is fairer.

While heading into a new year we usually take some moments to pause and reflect on how the year had been, review our goals, set new ones and try to find breathers for the coming year. Cliché but we can not correct the past’s history, we can decide how best to write the future’s history.

In 2015,I had a handful of messages, calls and discussions, mostly friends asking questions bothering on several issues. Some wanted to know how to handle certain situations. Common I don’t even know how to handle a couple of things they mentioned myself, but at least they knew I could direct them to where or whom could give them answers and solutions. Some had family members insult them and they could not lash out with the words they wished they could have said. Some had horrible bosses who made the word ‘frustration’ seem so casual. Others had business ideas they wanted to startup but kept holding back for various reasons. Some wanted an accountability partner. Some were in love or out of it and needed to move on. Some just wanted some sort of ‘way forward’ and some others, just needed a listening ear. Of course I had my own fair bits of things to worry about too.

Three particular conversations that struck me were two friends and a stranger who had been seeking inner peace – according to them - asking me at different times, ‘what is your definition of happiness?’

“Happiness may mean different things to different people. It may be completing the one task that you have procrastinated for so long. It may be completing several projects. It may even be working towards becoming a zillionaire. It may actually be making sure that people around you are Happy. It may mean making an impact in one person’s life that could translate to the change you want to see in the world. 

Happiness is a state of being; having genuine inner peace and an amiable outer disposition towards everything or everybody around you. Happiness is yearning to have a deeper connection with your creator. Happiness is a determination to stay positive no matter what seems negative right in front of you. Happiness is knowing what you don’t want even if you don’t know what you want. Happiness is having a focus.

Happiness is defining your lifestyle. Happiness is drawing a mental picture of the future you desire and deserve and work to achieve it. Happiness is when people around you are Happy simply because you radiate Happiness. Happiness is having friends and family you can count on even if you have to call them up at 2am. Happiness is knowing that someone you have never met inspires you. Happiness is discovering that you actually inspire certain people whom you possibly even revere. Happiness is knowing that not everyone likes you, but that is their problem to deal with not yours.

Happiness is knowing that you have to live through life with only one heart and that heart is yours alone, except of course you get a transplant. But then, that would still be one heart at a time. Happiness is an art, and you should strive to protect it.”, I said to them.

This is how I define Happiness. How do you define Happiness? How ever you choose to define Happiness, I urge you to spell it with a big H.

So let's kick start this year with something interesting. Let's take a look at the top 3 highlights of your 2015. Okay, scratch that. Let’s take a look at your top 3 plans towards Happiness in 2016. What exactly would make you Happy this year?
*Enjoy life to the fullest…
**Work till you are fulfilled…
***Take friendships to the skies…

These three made my list. Share yours, let’s make life fairer!

PS: Whatever you decide to do, one surefire way to get thought this year is to believe in the beauty of your dreams!

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