No One Has Time For You

When you twist your face a little while telling someone that you don’t have time for certain (trendy) issues that they like, remember they are painting a beautiful picture in their mind that says ‘i dont have time for the kind of things you have time for too’.

Stop taking yourself too serious or more important than others. When you do so, you give off an air that lets others choose to breathe in a different environment from you.

To you, you are only as important as you think you are. To the rest of us, you are as important as we deem you to be. Of course you are intelligent, outspoken, clever to a point but that is nothing to us if you don’t have time for what we have time for.

Now read this little piece of advice from the beginning but this time replace most of the ‘yous’ and yours with ‘I’ and ‘me’. Any difference? None, but i think it kind of now sounds closer to the heart.

Now you know, nobody’s got time for you but we can all have time for something.